A new era for wheel, tyre and applicator company

At the beginning of August, Stocks Ag Limited was purchased by James Woolway. As a UK manufacturer of agricultural wheels and applicators, Stocks Ag has built a solid reputation around the world for technical innovation and quality in its specialist area. The company is now entering a new era, having supplied wheels, tyres and applicators to farmers worldwide for over 40 years.

James Woolway was brought up on his family’s farm and has worked in the agricultural machinery industry since completing an Agricultural Engineering degree in 1994. However, whilst his experience lies in sales, marketing and management, he has always been driven to get involved in the manufacture of British agricultural machinery.

In 2005 James took over as Managing Director and subsequently owner of OPICO Limited, now the UK’s largest independent agricultural machinery importer. Whilst his intention is to run Stocks Ag and OPICO as two separate companies, with different products, sales teams and their own distribution channels, there are clear benefits from the economies of scale.

“Stocks Ag is a well-known and respected UK brand. This acquisition provides more security for both businesses,” commented James. “OPICO gains from having a sister company in a different market area, with a manufacturing facility and export markets. Stocks gains from the size and structure of its sister company, having access to in-house IT, marketing and financial systems.”