A new force in agricultural market research

  • Earlier this year “Independent Business Resource” (IBR-Ltd) run by Roger Pratchett joined forces with David Dower of “Closer to Customers” and Ben Cooper of “Easton Research”, to form a new brand, the “Ag Market Researchers Group” (AgMRG)

The Ag Market Researchers Group (AgMRG) provides a robust, highly experienced, well connected and practical alliance of three independent leading players within the UK agricultural market research sector, for the benefit of clients.

Roger Pratchett’s career long experience in agriculture in technical roles for major field input companies, plus 24 years in consulting, market research and management of field input panels. David Dower’s 30 years research experience across industries and Ben Cooper’s practical farm experience and a strong track record in market research make for a formidable alliance.

AgMRG has already delivered commissions for satisfied clients, one of whom reflected on their engagement with AgMRG and noted “a strong attention to detail and then a great translation and delivery of findings into actionable insights. Easy to work with and good engagement back & forth to develop the methodology and briefs”.

David and Ben will lead the market research activities and whilst Roger will be an integral part of the team. His focus will also be to drive the digital technology activities of Kleffmann Digital to enhance their standing in the UK market.

The AgMRG simplifies the offer from three independent businesses, by joining forces when appropriate, to deliver an enhanced service to clients and offering choice for those looking for that little bit extra from professionals with a proven track record in delivering above and beyond expectations.

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