AEA elects Shaun Groom as President

Following two years as Chairman of the AEA’s Farm Equipment Council, Shaun Groom, General Manager of Merlo UK Ltd, has been elected President of the AEA.

Upon taking up his tenure as President, Shaun offers his thoughts as to why membership of the AEA has never been more beneficial than it is right now.

“It is in challenging times such as we face now that the industry can draw real value in coming together as members of the AEA. Whether it be dealing with new import or export regulations in a post BREXIT transition marketplace or understanding what implications COVID-19 restrictions mean for our industry, the AEA has the expert staff and knowledge in place to support a members business” comments Shaun.

“In the not- so-distant future new technical challenges await manufacturers as the pressure to replace fossil fuels with greener alternatives and stiff carbon net zero targets find their way to the sectors our members operate in. As equipment manufacturers harness alternative forms of power, the drafting of new regulations and standards will be required to ensure safety and compliance”

“Working to ensure that future regulations are both workable and valid for the industry and the environment, is a critical role the AEA fulfils. As we all adapt to a digital world the AEA has invested in staff and resources to keep the association at the forefront of those changes”.

Having spent nearly three decades in the agricultural machinery business Shaun has held positions in both retail and wholesale agricultural machinery operations. Besides the UK and Europe, he spent a number of years in New Zealand working for one of the largest machinery distributors in Australasia.

After 15 years with Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturer Pöttinger, in January 2021 Shaun joined telescopic handler manufacturer Merlo Group S.p.A as the General Manager of its subsidiary Merlo UK Ltd.

Shaun concludes by saying “I can speak from first-hand experience of how the services, support and representation the AEA provides has proved to be instrumental in my daily work. I would not hesitate to recommend membership to any eligible business in the industry”

Ruth Bailey, Chief Executive Officer of the AEA said: “ We are absolutely delighted Shaun has accepted the role of President of the Association. Shaun’s experience and knowledge will bring a powerful voice to the sector at a time when we face some of our most serious challenges, ones that could change the whole landscape of how the industry operates, both in the immediate and long-term future.”

Since its foundation in 1875 the AEA has represented its member’s interests at a national and  international level.  The association and its members have weathered many a challenge including world wars, economic recessions, foot and mouth disease, and of course the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is in the most part thanks to the vital role that the agricultural machinery industry plays in ensuring our nation remains fed. The equipment and support provided by AEA members ensures UK agriculture leads the world in efficient agricultural production.