Agricultural Engineers have the tools to tackle the issues of soil health


  • The Institution of Agricultural Engineers annual conference will explore how soil management technologies will change the way we farm the land to produce food

What can engineers do about soil health?  The answer is everything and this year’s IAgrE Landwards conference will explore how soil management technologies will change the way we farm the land to produce food.

The conference takes place on 1st November at the Peterborough Suite, East of England Conference Centre in Peterborough.

The loss of this key ingredient in food production will have disastrous consequences.  Intensive agriculture especially broad acre crop production is having an increasingly negative effect on the soil, resulting in processes such as erosion, compaction, organic matter loss to name a few.

To understand the key issues the line-up of presenters will take delegates through a selection of developments in the agricultural industry and how these can bring us closer to sustainable food production, supporting carbon net zero and other environmental opportunities and challenges faced by farmers and growers.

Presenters include:

George Sly managing director at Horizon Agriculture Limited will provide an insight into his company’s vision and the concepts being applied to their seed drill development. Their no-till approach is driving a number of innovative features and technology being employed on their products. This importantly provides a host of efficiency benefits for the customer, whilst working towards a sustainable future.

Ben Taylor Davies of RegenBen will offer delegates a fascinating journey through his farming career, specifically how to farm sustainably in harmony with the environment. The audience will be taken through Ben’s regenerative agriculture approach and how it is being practically applied in a commercial farming enterprise and what the future holds.

Ole Green CEO and founder of AgroIntelli’s presentation is Sustainable Mechanisation – a New Mechanisation on the Land.  Ole will explore a new kind of agricultural mechanisation offering some great sustainability credentials. AgroIntelli’s Robotti product is light in its footprint to ease soil compaction, driverless in operation to reduce costs and perfect for tasks such as mechanical weeding to reduce chemical use.

Dr Paula Misiewicz the Senior lecturer in Soil and Water Management at Harper Adams University will give an in-depth look at the various research projects centred around soil mechanics and management, with a focus on ground compaction reduction methods, alternative tillage systems and precision agriculture methods. Paula will explain how science is providing the answers to sustainable land use and food production.

“Our conference will interest people working within agriculture and its associated industries plus equipment manufacturers, dealers and service providers being explored and what we can expect in the future,” said Charlie Nicklin CEO of IAgrE.


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