AgXeed announces distribution and service partner for England and Wales

  • AS Communications trading as ASC Autonomy will start its activities as distribution and service partner of AgXeed B.V. in winter 2022-2023

For a broad coverage of the market with all its different facets, AgXeed is appointing AS Communications T/As ASC Autonomy.

William Mumford, MD of AS Communications /ASC Autonomy said:

“We have been observing the road to automation for a number of years and serve a wide range of customers with semi-autonomous solutions to date, we are pleased to have found a supplier that is able to complete this solution with both the physical hardware and software to make full automation possible. To now be able to provide our customers with this machine further bolsters us as a full solutions provider for the land based industry.”

Joris Hiddema, CEO of AgXeed:

“With AS Communications T/As ASC Autonomy we have found an excellent partner for the sales and service of our technology in the UK.”

“Autonomy is the next logical step in the development of modern professional agriculture, and it becomes more and more critical with each week and month, as we are living through multiple resource crises. AgXeed enables an integrated approach to all processes on the farm: planning, crop production and distribution.  Our machines are the most visible part of our product offering, but the data portal, which collects data and delivers actionable insights, is instrumental to the total value we deliver.  Together with AS Communications we see ourselves in a position to address the challenges in this sector and provide the farmer with real autonomy and allow him to manage his business sustainably and more profitably.”

When selecting distribution partners, AgXeed’s top priorities are innovative mindset, comprehensive service and a direct link to the customer. For AgXeed and its partners, the term service means more than just providing assistance in the event of maintenance or repair. Service begins with the consultation and analysis of the farms and extends to the complete implementation of the autonomous systems from AgXeed.

Digital competence in service, a strong personality, understanding of local specificities in agricultural distribution, and a long-term vision, these are the arguments why AgXeed has chosen ASC Autonomy as a partner.”