August tractor sales decline again

The AEA report that UK agricultural tractor registrations (over 50hp) remained below last year’s level in August but the year-on-year decline was the smallest since March, at just 7%

620 units were registered in August, with the year to date figure being 6683 units (a -26.7% change compared with January-August 2019).

Stephen Howarth, agricultural economist at the AEA, explained that as August 2019 saw a relatively low number of registrations, the figure for this year was still well below the average for the time of year. He said, “The lingering effects of the adverse weather conditions earlier in the year and the Covid-19 pandemic are still likely to have been the main drivers of the trend.

“So far this year, nearly 2,500 fewer tractors have been registered, compared with the same period last year, a drop of more than a quarter.”