Autonomous tractor co announces distribution and service partner for Denmark

  • AllAgBots Nordic will start its activities as distribution and service partner of AgXeed B.V. in summer 2022

When selecting distribution partners, AgXeed’s top priorities are comprehensive service and a direct link to the customer. It is therefore important to have partners who are on-site at the customer’s premises and yet can guarantee short and transparent routes to the manufacturer.

For AgXeed and its partners, the term service means more than just providing assistance in the event of maintenance or repair. Service begins with the consultation and analysis of the farms and extends to the complete implementation of the autonomous systems from AgXeed.

With the integrated software tools, farmers can virtually plan their operations in the field in advance. In the process, size is replaced by continuity and precision in the field. These are new approaches that require distribution partners who are close to the farming community, who understand that we need to manage our resources differently and who believe that autonomy can be a real solution.

For a broad coverage of the market with all its different facets, AgXeed is appointing AllAgBots Nordic as distribution and service partner in Denmark. AllAgBots Nordic is an innovative robot- and technology company that offers a broad range of services and autonomous solutions for agriculture. AllAgBots Nordic is the link between farmers and AgXeed when it comes to support, service, safety, and knowledge of the autonomous ecosystem. AllAgBots Nordic combines the competence and experience of Thorsen-Teknik A/S and FMR Maskinier leading to several years of experience and technical skills which have resulted in a great reputation in the agricultural industry.

Digital competence in service, a strong personality, understanding of local, agricultural specificities in distribution, up to the will to be a strong, long-term partner of the farms, these are the arguments why AgXeed has chosen AllAgBots Nordic as a partner.

Henrik Rasmussen, CEO of AllAgBots Nordic:

“We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with AgXeed. We see a lot of interest in autonomous solutions for agriculture and AgXeed will play a key role in this. AllAgBots Nordic will be responsible for the consulting, sales and service of the autonomous solutions from AgXeed. We look forward to seeing the synergy between the companies grow and can already report an exciting, development-rich and innovative future.”

The first AgBot will come to Denmark in August, where a series of demo days will be held for interested and potential customers