Bridgestone expands its range offering into John Deere Europe

  • Bridgestone’s premium VX-TRACTOR tyre has been given the seal of approval on selected new John Deere 6R Series & 6M Series tractors, with these critically acclaimed models arriving in the UK from John Deere’s Tractor Plant in Mannheim, Germany

The VX-TRACTOR is engineered to meet the needs of customers with both road and field operations and is now available within the UK and Ireland markets. Bridgestone’s agricultural sales manager Stephen Lamb said: “We are delighted to be extending our partnership with John Deere, a prestigious and world-leading company. This announcement follows on from our VT-TRACTOR (VF) tyre approval, which are already available to John Deere customers.

“The VX-TRACTOR has proved itself to be an outstanding performing tyre, especially under intensive road-use and in very demanding field conditions, offering the best of both worlds to the farming community within one product.

“It is constructed from robust casings with extra-deep and extra-long lugs, ensuring outstanding field traction and extremely long wear life. This means that farmers can go further and get more done, time and time again.”

The tyre comes with a full 10-year warranty, from the point of tractor registration, thus reinforcing the reliability and confidence within the product.

The selection currently includes – Rears 600/65 R38 with 480/65 R28 or Rears 600/65 R38 with 540/65 R24. Rears 650/65 R38 with 600/65 R28 or Rears 650/65 R38 with 540/65 R28.

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