Carnoustie Golf Links announces John Deere partnership

Carnoustie Golf Links Chief Executive Michael Wells announced that a strategic partnership with John Deere has been secured, following a detailed period of exclusive discussions between the two organisations, whose joint vision laid the groundwork for the announcement.

The formalisation of the partnership will harmonise flagship greenkeeping practices with leading technology and R&D, as this alliance looks to lead the conversation in sustainability and best practice in golf course maintenance.

For both organisations, this important development will further enhance their significant independent successes in this area and combine two leading industry names to maximise opportunities and aid innovation.

For staff in each organisation, this will also see significant value investments designed to create new professional development and learning opportunities, in addition to supporting a wide range of charitable and apprenticeship programmes, including Carnoustie’s 250-strong junior golf development hub The Carnoustie Craws.

The announcement is a meaningful new chapter in Carnoustie’s story and sees the merging of two historic organisations. Carnoustie held the first of its eight Open Championships in 1931, but it was long before this that a great many young clubmakers, golf professionals and greenkeepers (known as The Carnoustie 300) left Carnoustie to take golf worldwide, helping to change the face of the game forever.

This eight-time Open Championship venue is known for delivering change in the game of golf and is held by many to be the ancestral home of American and Australian golf.

“Our goal was to conceive a partnership based on shared values that went well beyond the provision of greenkeeping equipment,” said Carnoustie Golf Links Chief Executive Michael Wells. “Carnoustie and John Deere can now work together to lead the conversation as the golf industry looks to modernise its approach to golf course management, with a partnership that will focus on innovation and development.”

John Deere’s European Golf & Turf Sales and Marketing Manager Carlos Aragones added: “John Deere is fully committed to the manufacture and support of advanced, high quality equipment for the world’s best golf courses. We will be honoured to see our machinery at work on the Championship, Burnside and Buddon Links Courses at Carnoustie Golf Links, and look forward to establishing a close and fruitful partnership with this historic club.”