CEMA publishes position paper on how to deliver on the green deal using harmonised standards

  • CEMA has published a position paper on how to deliver on the Green Deal using harmonised standards for the Machinery Regulation as the framework for acceptance of new technologies for national subsidies

CEMA argue that sprayers on the market are already compliant with the Machinery Directive.

What some national authorities are doing and considering, is to introduce specific test schemes in exchange for national subsidies. It will create a cost, time and trade barrier to the uptake of new application technologies. Introducing national testing schemes therefore would jeopardize the Green Deal objectives. Instead, these technologies should be evaluated based on the sectorial international standards developed in CEN and ISO, in accordance with and compliant to EU legislation.

Finally, there is need for support in the development, promotion, and acceptance of these standards by all stakeholders, to safeguard the internal market and to reach the Green Deal objectives.

Read the full position paper HERE.

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