Comment – a trip to see the world…

Its been a while since Agritechnica last ran, 2o19 and BC (Before Covid) and yours truly is sat on a train hurtling south on the first leg of the outbound journey to Hannover.

This has given ample time for reflection. A lot has changed, prices have gone up, oil has gone from the accepted default fuel, to something which is being actively replaced, although I think rumours of its imminent demise are somewhat over egged.

My phone has the irritating habit of flagging up photos ‘on this day’ and so in November 2019 (and 2013) you can guess what I was doing, and apparently taking pictures of? Aside from all the selfies under the wooden pagoda in Hannover, foot long sausages and very large glasses of beer, some machinery did sneak in.

What’s intriguing, is that the bones of the machines remain the same with tines, discs, blades etc. Mind you a fancy new Gregoire Besson plough in John Deere colours (in 2013) and some red hoes on the Lemken stand (in ’19). but the tech is moving on so very very quickly. It almost feels like the basics remain the same but all the work around machine control, autonomy, removal of the operator of from the seat and remote diagnostics is roaring on.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s new this next week.

Where ever you are this week, have a good one.


PS Full marks for the year and stand in the picture..