Comment – ‘cleaning’ dealers, layoffs and other news

So with over 150mm in the rain gauge for September so far, I’m not going to be waxing too lyrically regarding the home farm this week.

However I was interested in New Holland President Carlo Lambro’s recent comments at this years Farm Progress Show in the States that the aim is to “to try to clean as much as possible in our network,” he explained “We know that we have several other OEMs that are sold through our network. We will not eliminate all because some OEMs will resist. But we believe there are some OEMs that, today, provide products that are existing alongside the New Holland line that are competitive products, in terms of pricing, delivering and product features. This is going to be our first step.”

Whilst this comment is within the context of the North American market, I wonder if this holds true closer to home? For more on this see

Its also worth noting that John Deere have initiated several hundred layouts at their East Moline Harvester Works, in response to changing market conditions,-ill,-plant

A little closer to home, yours truly recently recorded a podcast with the Institution of Agricultural Engineers CEO Charlie Nicklin, where we discussed big tractors, farming in a bog (!), AI, and the future energy mix on farms. It’s worth a listen.