Comment – Eat up, and put your hand in your pocket

I have spent this last week, reflecting maturely on the state of agriculture and the supply chain. Admittedly mainly via the medium of beer, cheese, bread and poolside with the family on the Algarve.

Sadly back to the thrills of Autumn in the north, now that the clocks are going back, log burners and being lit and the annual ‘discussion’ regarding turning on the heating rears its ugly head. See for advice if required!

In contrast, one can’t but be horrified by the news headlines and the unfolding human tragedy of what is happening in the middle east, on top of the Ukraine war. So despite feeling very lucky to be able to relax and enjoy some time off in the sun, its worth remembering that we are all only a few meals away from some of the hardships being suffered elsewhere in the world.

Whilst I encourage you to pay attention to what’s in the shopping basket and on your plate, perhaps have a thought for those who can’t help themselves.

Have a look here for some ideas:

Catch you next week.