Comment – Lessons from over there…

As I have previously said, I’m drawn to distraction with the internet at times, and this week was no exception. Toyota have just revealed their new $23,000 ‘mid sized’ pickup truck in the States.

“Whoa there” you cry, “what’s this to do with us?”

Well, Toyota have seen the slowdown coming, and now its upon the global motor industry, they are very glad to have stuck to their guns with the infernal combustion engine and didn’t bet the farm (unlike Ford) on electric.

Given how the EU, US and UK governments are now winding back their commitments around renewable fuel sources, and being mindful of the idea of a price point for a product, an £18k pickup truck might be just what the customer wanted, and can afford.

Perhaps this is what is needed to keep the metal shifting in the ag machinery business? Well once all those stock items have made their way out onto farm.

In other news whilst SIMA is a casualty of the slowdown, the DLG (who have dallied on the fringes of UK events in the past) are up and running with the Potato Days UK technical event in September at Nocton in Lincolnshire. This format will be familiar to those who have attended other DLG Potato Days across Europe, as it’s a tried and tested formula, albeit in other markets.

Closer to home, my mole tells me that bidding was back 20% on nearly new machines and 12% on older kit at Penrith last week, with almost 20% not hitting reserve,  belts are getting tightened…

Have a good week.


PS check this out, if you were dithering over the Tesla..