Comment -Mud, glorious mud

Avid readers will remember my prescient comments from last week regarding the weather breaking, and boy, did it?

Despite 15mm of rain over set up and event day for Tillage-Live over 1000 visitors enjoyed a day slithering round the site and seeing some kit working. As the day wore on, and the forecast did a full 180 from sunshine to rain, so the reality set in that the event team would have to ensure that all lorries got in, loaded and out on a very soggy field. Nothing a couple of articulated tractors couldn’t handle.

From myself (and the entire delivery team), I want to thank all involved (especially the host farmers)  for their patience in challenging circumstances, it was wet, muddy, and (at times) congested.

Whilst there has been a degree of reflection of what worked (and what didn’t) Its not dampened my enthusiasm for outdoor working events.

In another world, far far away the government have gotten all concerned about Chinese EV’s, this piece is worth a read, and perhaps a reflect on what this might mean for the machinery supply chain.. See

Have a good week.