Comment – Sentiment, and confidence

Its not everyday that you can escape the routine for 24 hours, especially at the end of lambing time, so I was very appreciative of the kind invitation to the Agricultural Engineers Association annual conference on Tuesday in London.

Aside from the thrill of warm food and electric lighting, I came away suitably cheered up, and enlightened from a selection of quality speakers, good company and positive energy!

One highlight was the romp around the global economy with market commentator Justin Urquhart Stewart, by way of inflation, interest rates and confidence, he certainly made me feel better about the state of the world and my mortgage payments. Although there was talk around the tables regarding dealer stock levels, and despite lower sales this year, there seemed to be quiet confidence that sales levels are fairly stable going forwards.

Well done to all involved, its always good to get out.

Elsewhere, and finally, the state of the nations crops (or lack of) has made it to the mainstream media, see for the full story. Although I suspect we have known for a bit longer than the chattering classes regarding this issue. Likewise when straw is being quoted delivered into Cumbria for £160/t and wheat is only £170 a tonne, there’s trouble ahead.

With a mere 93mm of rain this week, I think I shall refrain from passing comment.

Have a good week.