Comment – Sun storms and cyber attacks

We were very lucky to see the Northern Lights last Friday night at around midnight – coinciding with my return from the pub, as mentioned in last week’s comment. As you can see from the picture a thing of rare beauty. According to the BBC, the best display across mainland UK since 1932. I glibly said, “well thats it, I’ll never see the like again.” Not so, we should see them again this week as the sun storm activity peaks in its 11 year cycle.  See .

Now this is very interesting, but what does it mean to the trade, well sun storms play all kinds of havoc with GPS systems, satellite communications and potentially land based electrical systems, in fact one US based full line dealer group have gone as far as to go on the record with their warning for customers:

Geomagnetic Storm Affecting GPS Signals – May 2024 – Landmark Implement

As if the crops won’t be bad enough being planted so late without the rows not being straight?!

Elsewhere and back on terra firma, Lemken are not the first to be targeted by hackers see and its a sobering thought which reminds us to check and ensure our cyber security is up to date.

That aside the sun is still shining!

Have a good week.