Comment – The new truck.

Your humble correspondent would like a new truck and has been following the trends regarding alternative fuels for some time, and with interest.

First we were going to electrify everything, then some bright spark (groan) realised how expensive and heavy all those batteries were going to be. Not to mention the awful environmental and human cost of extracting the required precious metals. Cue sideways glance at global engine manufacturers and their drive towards hydrogen and e-fuels. Conventional diesel engine manufacturers haven’t reached the end of the road for the compression ignition engine just yet.

I know a vehicle damage assessor (VDA) locally, whose job is to suck through his teeth and say ‘ohh she not be cheap’ when looking at damaged vehicles. It’s worth a couple of pints and an hour or two hearing the horror stories regarding repairing EV’s, parts availability, safety concerns for both repairs and routine service activities.

Not to mention that if the batteries catch fire, even the fire brigade can’t put them out, but leave them somewhere safe to burn out. Rather like discing round that fired combine in the summer of ’90.

Then just when I think that hydrogen is the answer, the Guardian (not the FG) pours water on the thought with this..

Obviously, I’m now waiting for the diesel Tesla..

Have a good week.

Andy (confused)