Comment – There’s no business like…

Having checked the rain gauge (again) there is still no sign of any precipitation. That’s nearly a whole 11 days without measurable rain. At this point if I were a proper journalist,I would be seeking comment from the Met Office, and several august climate change academics. On the other hand, I am just grateful to have made some decent haylage.

Back in the day job, its a flurry of activity with last minute packing before Tillage-Live set up this week. The glamour of finding and loading a couple of hundred fence posts, the ‘big’ hammer, rope etc.. isn’t lost on me.

It a common conversation in the trade regarding the frustrations, costs and risks of attending and supporting events, but you can rely on that well known agricultural engineer, Oscar Wilde in these circumstances ‘There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.’ Quite.

Being a bit of an eyore when it comes to the weather, I fully expect this nice run of warm weather to break midweek.  In which case the visitors can’t do any farming, so why not have a day out?

See you in a field on Thursday (waterproofs optional)!