Comment – weather, and politics

Just as farmers breathed a huge collective sigh of relief and finally, first cuts are done, the last of the tatties planted and the maize in, there was a mere 60mm (your guess is as good as mine) in the rain gauge.

For those of a superstitious nature, what does that say about the current PM getting soaked to the skin on the steps of no.10 during his announcement of the upcoming general election? Other than he needs a decent set of green flexothanes (other waterproofs are available).

I’m struggling to get excited about an upcoming election, irrespective of the outcome, the next incumbent will still find that there is no money and that they can’t please everyone.

How the election result will play out for farming and the supply chain remains to be seen, but given the headlines around climate change, binding emissions targets and a general shift to sustainability, I don’t foresee any mainstream party ditching their pledges.  Unless there is a seismic election day shock, I think the issues of interest rates and tightened cashflows will remain for the business.

Elsewhere in the world its interesting to see that its not just the little Englanders getting their knickers in a twist over national borders, the Austrians have slapped a ban on night driving on the Brenner Pass (the main road route north for Italian industrial exports) and brought in rationing of HGV’s on the motorway. It turns out that this goes against the free movement of goods and the EU is now getting involved, Austria is not for backing down, see and get your popcorn.

As it’s the bank holiday weekend, I’m off to Roundup the field around the village and then have a bonfire, whilst it’s dry.

I shall raise a glass from the deckchair later, assuming it’s not been blown or washed away.

Have a good one.


PS If you are fretting about the carbon neutrality of your customers, have a look at this, from over there