Dealers in action for farmers with Fendt Face Shields

The new “normal” everyday working life with the still ongoing Corona virus has started again in all European countries– of course with lots of safety measures to protect the employees. AGCO/Fendt has sent five Fendt Face Shields to every dealer location in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and England for additional protection.

“Our dealers have taken on the challenges posed by the Corona virus and continued to work even at personal risk to provide farmers and contractors with essential spare parts to repair machines. In this way, they have also played a major part in the functioning of the system relevant agriculture”, so Michael Groß, Director Parts and Service Fendt EME, Central and Eastern Europe. “In gratitude for this work but also for the mutual protection of the sales employees we have sent five face shields to every dealer location in five countries.”

Since the beginning of April around 4.000 protective visors have been produced at the AGCO/Fendt competence center for cabs in Asbach-Bäumenheim. The so called Face Shields are being produced with a 3D printer. Half of the visors were being donated to external medical and nursing facilities but also distributed to Fendt employees in the Fendt factories. The remaining 2.000 Face Shields were sent through AGCO Parts to dealers in Italy, England, France, Germany and Spain.

At the Italian Fendt sales partner Zerbi, the Face Shields are also used in the spare parts department.

“We were very happy about the Fendt protective visors”, so the Italian dealer Cominelli. “We have handed out the visors at our locations and are already using them successfully in the reception and the spare parts warehouse. We thank the entire Fendt team for this unexpected and valuable surprise.”

The Fendt sales partner in Zerbi, Italy adds: “We have distributed the Fendt Face Shields to our mechanics, warehouse employees and our salesman. With these measures we want to offer our employees as well as our customers the highest level of safety, reliability and professionalism.”