EU plans to introduce ‘tractor permits’ slammed

The Euractiv website states that:

“French Communist and Green lawmakers have called on EU lawmakers to oppose in next week’s vote the introduction of new permits for driving tractors as part of the revised EU driving licence directive.

While a car licence is sufficient in most countries to drive an agricultural vehicle, the revision of the Driving Licence Directive proposes eight new licences specifically for tractors.

“The introduction of a “tractor licence”, just a few weeks after the outbreak of farmers’ anger in France and across Europe, does not meet the aspirations and expectations of those who provide food”, the French Communist Party (PCF) stressed in a press release.

The new directive on driving licences, proposed by the European Commission in March 2023 and amended by MEPs since the summer, aims to harmonise, digitise and simplify driving licences.

Among the 198 amendments voted on since July 2023, one involves the creation of eight ‘T’ or ‘tractor’ licences, depending on the size and power of the vehicle. This amendment was proposed by the European People’s Party (EPP) and largely voted through with a view to harmonisation.

This request had been made by CEETTAR, the European Confederation of Agricultural, Rural and Forestry Contractors, which proposed a common tractor driving licence recognised in all EU member states.”



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