Farmers and growers sought to ‘cultivate’ new online skills and careers services

  • The new professional body for agriculture and horticulture has renewed its request for volunteers to help develop its online services

The Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture (TIAH) will launch its online platform next year. It will offer a range of personalised skills and careers resources for people working at every level of farming and growing.

TIAH is recruiting volunteers who work in the industry to test and review various elements of the platform. These ‘TIAH Cultivators’ will help ensure it is intuitive to use and offers the most useful and relevant content.

TIAH’s Head of Digital, Luke Harmer, who is leading the platform’s development explained:

“Our existing Cultivators are giving us hugely valuable feedback, such as helping us understand the most useful types of content and telling us about problems they often experience in accessing training so we can design ways to solve them.

“But everyone is different, so we are seeking more people to join our Cultivators scheme to help us discover what works, what doesn’t, and where there are gaps. We’d particularly love to hear from employees of farming and horticultural businesses, although we are working with owners and managers too. This will help make TIAH a success for everyone.”

TIAH asks its Cultivators to give just 20 minutes a month. In return, they will be entered into a monthly prize draw.