Frontier publishes videos to support safe and efficient farm sampling this harvest

  • Last year Frontier committed toproviding a safer and more efficient collection only service for grain samples
  • Following feedback last harvest that more support was needed on how to sample, Frontier has produced two YouTube videos and a poster to support its customers and help them make the transition to successful sampling on farm

Farmer Paul Myhill at Hardingham Farms in Norfolk who features in the videos said: “I have been sampling grain in this way for a number of years now. I believe it is the safest way to sample. It also means I have a set of accurate samples and I can work with my farm trader, Carl Ashworth to make better decisions about marketing what I have in store. For example, we sampled our malting barley in this way last year and as a result we identified variable quality. Because we knew exactly what was in each part of the store, we were able to separate the grain and sell the bulk as malting barley for a premium, and the smaller area of lower quality as feed.”

Frontier grain customers will receive a grain sampling pack ahead of harvest containing instructions and sample bags as well as a weatherproof sampling poster and links to instructional videos demonstrating the easiest way to ensure accurate samples are taken.

The videos are available for anyone to watch on YouTube:

Poster: In addition to the videos, this poster is being mailed to all Frontier grain customers and will help people sampling on farm follow the process. (NB the poster is designed to be printed in A2 format.)

Speaking about self-sampling on farm, Nick Heald, Frontier’s commercial director said: “We were pleased with the response from farmers last harvest but we also had feedback that some farmers wanted more support on how to implement a sampling system on farm. This led to us producing these materials which we are sharing with our customers, but we hope that the wider industry will find useful too.”

All Materials related to safe and efficient grain sampling can be found on the Frontier website.