Grassland & Muck will not take place next year

  • The Royal Agricultural Society of England has taken the decision that they will not be running the 2023 edition of the Grassland & Muck event.

The trustees have chosen to pause the event in order to review its format, market needs and farmers’ requirements to ensure a suitable and viable future event format.

The reality is that the current format of the Society’s Grassland & Muck event has a very high cost base, especially since it lost its long-standing site at Stoneleigh to HS2.

Taking 250 acres out of the cropping rotation and growing a bespoke sacrificial first year ley grass crop for a two day machinery demonstration event just no longer make financial sense. Not only does the event run the risk of cancellation due to weather, disease and now pandemics; but with the unprecedented volatility we have seen in the markets in recent times, it is clear the format of the event needs to change to make it more sustainable.

“We know how important events are for sharing new ideas and showcasing the latest technology and the Society is fully committed to continuing to support this. However , events must be relevant and make sure they represent value for money. Grassland and Muck has evolved over the years and must continue to do so in response to both the way on-farm practices are changing and the challenges the sectors are facing.

“While we know many will be disappointed not to have a 2023 event to look forward to, we can reassure you we do intend to have an event in this space in the future and will be consulting with all stakeholders of Grassland & Muck over the coming months to gauge the right path forwards for the event,” said Roly Taplin Chief Operating Officer.