Hydor’s 60th Anniversary – a Legacy of Agricultural Engineering

  • 2023 marks the 60th year of Hydor, a ventilation and control solutions provider to the agricultural industry

Founded in 1963 by Colin Hyde, Hydor initially imported fans for poultry applications. Over the years, the company has evolved and expanded its product range, and today it is a leading manufacturer of specialist fans and equipment for livestock and arable buildings, renowned for consistently developing technical innovations in farming.

Operating from its original hometown of Downton, Wiltshire in England, farmers, farming contractors and consultants can turn to Hydor for a wide variety of products and systems for agricultural buildings. This includes its tube ventilation system to circulate air in cattle buildings to prevent stagnant air and bacteria, and also the Agri-Max round chimney exhaust fan range to manage airflow and temperatures in poultry sheds. Hydor also offers evaporative cooling technology systems to assist farmers with tackling extreme heat stress situations, amongst others.

In 2003, global organisation Elta Group acquired Hydor, providing access to a wide range of products, engineering expertise, and research and development facilities. This partnership enabled Hydor to offer first class products that comply with industry regulations and ensure reliability. The acquisition also means Hydor has expanded its operations, serving customers around the world from its modern facilities. More recently in 2021, Hydor is became part of EG Agri, a collective alliance of six agricultural brands, all owned by Elta Group.

On Hydor’s landmark milestone, Andrew Mann, General Manager at EG Agri, said: “We know farmers have been turning to Hydor for many years to solve very particular challenges, and it is our knowledge and experience that has enabled us to come this far.

“The company’s ethos is simple. We are committed to delivering quality engineered products, with a focus on meeting the demands of advanced agricultural practices and incorporating the latest building techniques. We still value doing things the traditional way, and so farmers can pick up the phone to ask us about farm building projects, how they can improve the welfare of their animals through better air quality and living conditions, which in turn helps them with their business.”

In recent years, Hydor has expanded into new markets, including industrial and commercial building services and horticulture. The company has obtained quality accreditations such as BSI, highlighting the business’s dedication to process and manufacturing quality. Hydor celebrates its 60th anniversary in a united mission to enhance the welfare of animals, crops, and people.