John Deere will not attend the SIMA show in November 2024

  • John Deere is informing dealers and customers that they will not be attending the next SIMA show in November 2024 in Paris
  • One of the main reasons for this decision is to allow greater focus on country specific dealer and customer events throughout 2024

“COVID 19 has changed the event landscape and the way customers want to interact with us is also evolving,” said Andreas Jess, John Deere Marketing Director for Region 2.

“Ag and Turf trade shows are a long-established way of engaging with farmers and contractors, but we are also exploring alternative communication channels that combine both digital and face-to-face activities.

These will allow us to better demonstrate our innovative technologies and production system-based solutions and, at the same time, reach a wider audience.”  He added, “customers are increasingly interested in how Precision Ag can support their operations across the entire agricultural production cycle, and this requires a different approach to share ideas and demonstrate solutions.”

The increased focus on in country customer events will also support John Deere’s transition to a more streamlined business that puts the customer at the centre.  It is also a question of utilizing resources in the most efficient way over the mid- to long-term.

Tilmann Köller, responsible for John Deere Public Relations and Shows & Events for Region 2 adds, “we are currently planning our European dealer and customer events for 2024 which require synchronization with our markets in North America.  The first announcements will be in March 2024, and we are very excited about the news we will share.”

John Deere still sees an important role for trade shows in the future but would welcome international trade fair organizations to review their current timetables to allow greater flexibility for other promotional activities.