KRM to distribute SIWI products in the UK

SIWI’s Combi-Hitch offers the quick connection between tractor and implement, hydraulic couplers, pneumatic brakes, PTO drivelines, and many different electrical systems including ISObus, can all be accommodated.

“We are very proud to work together with KRM.” says Steen N. Jensen, Sales and Marketing Director at SIWI. “The SIWI Combi Hitch is a reliable and strong product that is known in the market for its high quality and excellent service. The product line from KRM already consists of several other high-end Danish products, and that’s why we pride ourselves in joining this family of strong brands.”

“Hooking up a tractor-implement combination can be time consuming, tiring and poses a potential risk to the operator,” points out KRM’s Managing Director, Mike Britton. “But this innovative technology is taking the job from minutes to seconds and leaves the operator safely in the tractor seat. The hitch is all about safety and efficiency, it’s a fully automatic system where you can reverse back, hook up an implement without leaving the tractor at all.”

A farmer or contractor can now work alone in the field with the highest possible level of operator comfort. They are able to unhitch (for example) a lime spreader within seconds, use the same tractor with a front loader to load the machine, hitch back up and continue spreading. The first customer in the UK purchased two double systems, and in the first year he calculated an increase in efficiency of 25%; on top of that in some circumstances he was able to remove an extra loader and manpower needed to operate it.