LAMMA goes ahead

Despite several covid induced false starts, and with perhaps not ideal timing in the show calendar, LAMMA 22 finally opened its doors this last week. popped along to take the temperature.

We were pleasantly surprised, there was no doubt that the gate was down in comparison to LAMMA in its traditional January slot, but the overwhelming exhibitor comment was that they had been busy on each day. With a ‘wave’ of visitors passing through the halls.

Exhibitors we spoke with were content with their participation, despite the timing concerns, and with hindsight this years show will probably be viewed as a one off due to the external covid related circumstances.

Although the majority of international full line tractor and machinery manufacturers were absent in their own right as exhibitors, there was more than a smattering of green and yellow, red and blue in the ‘new for 22’ Dealer Zones filling what would otherwise have been very large empty holes.

There were (and still are) exhibitor concerns around stand fees, the inclusion of dealers (and hence previously deliberately absent brands)  at the last minute, and whether it’s a dealer or a true manufacturers show.

Several international manufacturers commented that despite the shows footfall, they were still struggling to justify the spend against the potential benefit.

As to whether the organisers have done enough to persuade those already absent manufacturers to return (or head for the first time) to the NEC, remains to be seen.