Largest ever export order leaves Scotts for Canada

Scotts Precision Manufacturing  has sent 14 Evolution Separators to Allan Potato Equipment Manufacturing Ltd., Canada’s largest designer and manufacturer of potato harvesting equipment.

Before this shipment, the most Evolutions Scotts had supplied in one order was seven. Coincidentally, that order was also placed by Allan.

The Evolutions will be incorporated into Allan’s three and four-row electrically-driven harvesters.

The Allan Four Row electric drive, and the company’s two row drive, were the first of their kind on the market. Allan chose electric drive as it is incredibly efficient, using a lot less power than traditional harvesters. Transmission components have been reduced by almost 80% resulting in a very easy to maintain harvester.

By featuring the Evolution within it, the Allan Harvester sends very little dirt to the warehouse and can load a truck within four minutes, whereas other machines can take up to 12 minutes to perform the same task. The harvesters are also available with a 6000lbs holding hopper and full width separator at the rear.

The Evolutions heading to Allans will be used on potato crops, but the Evolution is capable of gently separating clod, stones, haulm and loose soil from a wide range of vegetables, fruit and alliums, including gourmet potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and bell peppers amongst others.