Lemken leaves the spraying field

On the 2nd June, Lemken announced that they are to cease production of conventional field sprayers.

CEO Anthony van der Ley explains: “After over 10 years operating in this segment, we have not reached a market-relevant size. The legal requirements in each of our markets are increasing and becoming more and more disparate. This means that there is no single Lemken field spraying standard that can meet our quality standards and the variety of customer preferences, with which we could achieve a satisfactory production run. We are also seeing that, even from a consumer standpoint, the boundaries for chemical crop care products are becoming ever higher. Although we introduced several future-focused new models at the last Agritechnica, and our team is extremely motivated by the great reception, we are choosing this moment to break from our field spraying range in a responsible manner.”

UK general Manager Paul Creasy said ” Crop care lives on, Lemken are pushing forwards with mechanical weeding (with the Steketee hoeing products) and fertiliser application technology.”

Lemken are still taking orders for crop sprayers and will deliver existing orders until the end of the year.

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