MTU to supply Stage 5 engines to Claas

MTU and Claas have been working closely together to develop Rolls-Royce MTU Stage 5 diesel engines to power a range of Claas agricultural vehicles.

This commercial co-operation is expected to deliver up to 5,000 MTU engines a year for the Lexion and Jaguar machines with a plan to launch in several other new machines.

The first Stage V compliant prototypes were delivered to Claas for testing in 2016 and underwent a stringent field test programme which is still on-going and expected to continue until mid-2020.

The commercial agreement developed between the two companies will also include close consultation on drive system and emissions technology issues.

MTU Stage 5 engines are derived from Daimler commercial vehicle engines with a power span of 115 to 480kW.  Enhancements to the heart of the engine, adding an SCR system and additional particulate filter ensure they comply with the new emissions limits.

MTU claim the new engines not only have reduced CO2 emissions but also offer improved torque, performance and fuel consumption.