New dealer appointed to handle Claydon Opti-Till® crop establishment products in East/South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire

Claydon Drills has appointed Robert D Webster Ltd to handle the sale and service of Claydon Opti-Till® crop establishment products in East Yorkshire, parts of South Yorkshire, and North Lincolnshire. To underline its commitment to the Claydon brand, the business has already taken delivery of a 3m Hybrid mounted drill, 6m TerraStar light rotary cultivator and 7.5m Straw Harrow to add to its demonstration fleet.

A family business which was established by the late Bob Webster, Robert D Webster Ltd has gone from strength to strength for over 50 years and now operates three depots, at Owstwick, Hutton Cranswick and Howden. Each has a fully equipped workshop with the latest specialist tools and computerised diagnostic equipment, expert technicians, a well-stocked parts department, and a knowledgeable, enthusiastic sales team.

The Claydon Opti-Till® System is a holistic approach to crop establishment which delivers consistently good, high yielding crops at low cost. At its heart is the Claydon Hybrid drill which incorporates unique, patented leading tine technology that provides exceptional versatility in all climatic conditions, soil types and crops.

In addition to a comprehensive range of tractor-mounted and trailed Hybrid drills from 3m to 8m wide, the Claydon product line-up includes Straw Harrows from 3m to 15m and the 6m TerraStar® light rotary cultivator. The latest addition is the TerraBlade inter-row hoe in widths from 3m to 8m, which helps growers to control weeds in band-sown crops more efficiently and more effectively than relying solely on chemicals, with significant cost and environmental benefits.

John Jackson, Robert D. Webster’s Aftersales Director, states:

“We are a long-established New Holland main dealer covering North, East and South Yorkshire. The key to our success over such a long period has been providing customers with a wide choice of high-quality products and solutions from leading manufacturers. We are always looking for new opportunities and are confident that offering the Claydon Opti-Till® System through all our depots will continue our success by being a key development for the business going forward.

“Claydon is a logical addition to our product portfolio at a time when farmers are looking for ways to reduce production costs. In addition to selling new Opti-Till® products we are also supporting existing Claydon customers in an area from Driffield in the north, across to Doncaster in the west and down to Brigg in the south. Our Claydon demonstration products will be based at Howden, which is within 45 minutes’ drive from our two other locations.

“Coming from a farming family, I have followed the development of the Claydon System very closely, seen how it reduces input costs and increases profitability, without compromising crop yields or quality. It also improves timeliness, which helps farmers to avoid being caught out by unpredictable weather such as we saw in the 2019/20 season, as well as creating significant benefits in terms of soil condition and health. Those are key considerations for farming businesses at the current time.

“Claydon Opti-Till® products have been designed to fulfil specific roles within the Claydon System and work perfectly. However, they can also be used within other crop establishment systems, so for our demonstration fleet we have worked closely with Claydon to select products from the Opti-Till® range which will meet the requirements of most potential customers.”

Rob Dunk, Sales Manager for Claydon in the UK and ROI, adds: “Robert D Webster is a highly-professional, family-owned business and we are delighted to be working with them. Their appointment is an extension of our strategy to offer the Claydon Opti-Till® range through professional dealers across the UK.

“Farming businesses have little influence over input costs and end prices, but they can dramatically reduce production costs and increase yields by adopting a much more cost-effective and efficient crop establishment system. Many now appreciate that the innovative Claydon Opti-Till® System provides an attractive alternative to conventional full cultivations and min-till systems which are time consuming, expensive, can over-work the soil and destroy its structure.