New dealer success during lockdown

With some parts of the agricultural machinery market reporting gloom and doom, Ovlac are pleased to announce that Carrs Billington have taken on the Ovlac franchise for all seven depots.

The company have 7 machinery branches and 36 County Stores selling premium end tractors and machinery and are extremely pleased to add Ovlac to their portfolio.

Prior to making the decision to run with Ovlac, the company had ploughs on evaluation to get customer feedback.

‘We trialled the Ovlac plough with a number of customers during the spring and we were very impressed with the results. The ease of set up is impressive and build quality is very good. We look forward to promoting the Ovlac brand across our area and working with Nick & the team at Halse.’ Ian Gate of Carrs Billington Agriculture said. With a thumbs up from all demonstrations a deal was agreed on 21st May for Carrs Billington to represent Ovlac.

“Carrs Billington fills a big gap we had on the map” says Nick Clark Ovlac UK sales Manager. “Spanning from Penrith across to Hartlepool and north to Morpeth and back across to Carlisle.  We are extremely pleased that Carrs Billington have made this decision, and look forward to working with them over the coming years.“

This now provides the dealership with one of the largest plough ranges in Europe to sell. With over 400 versions available to suit varying soil types and tractor configurations, also a massive range of high-end cultivators and disc harrows.

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