New official UK importer and distributor of the full Holaras product range

  • AgVantage adds Holaras to its range

The AgVantage team are confident that this new partnership will help them to further specialise in the root crop sector with the Holaras onion equipment, but also to push further into the silage and biogas industry with Holaras silage equipment, alongside the Dezeure slurry equipment also offered by AgVantage.

Holaras is a registered trademark of Hoopman Machines BV. Hoopman Machines was founded in 1911 by a local blacksmith in Eastern Netherlands. Now, many years later, it has become an international player in agricultural, infrastructure, industrial and horticultural sectors. Holaras is most well known in the Agricultural market for their silage technology and onion handling equipment.

A family run business with an important goal, developing innovative machines that add value, for and with its customers and partners. Providing reliable solutions, quality products and specialist service is in the company’s DNA.

Andy Carse, Founder & Managing Director of AgVantage spoke of this latest development and has expressed his enthusiasm for working alongside Holaras. Andy says “Holaras products are of an exceptional build quality and design. AgVantage stands to supply customers in the UK with specialist, high end equipment and Holaras manufacture products that fit the same description. After a visit to their factory, I quickly became aware of the benefits Holaras machinery could bring to farmers throughout the UK.”

Maarten Leune, Commercial Director from Hoopman Machines BV, also expressed his excitement for joining forces with AgVantage UK.

Maarten says “We were looking for a dynamic, specialist dealer to import our products into the UK. Our products are so niche that we felt passionately about appointing a dealer who also strived to promote the uniqueness of the brand. We found AgVantage would be able to offer customers the full package, both during sales and after sales. After discussing future prospects with Andy and his team, it was clear we had reached the same understanding about what our companies combined could provide British farmers. We are most certainly looking forward to a successful collaboration.”