New ultra-modern treatment centre opens for business

  • Horsch’s ultra-modern surface treatment centre at the company’s production plant in Schwandorf, Germany is now starting operation

The construction of the modern surface treatment centre began in May 2022. To meet the growing demand and secure production capacity, Horsch built a 12,000 m2 hall equipped with the latest technology for wet and powder coating.

Construction of the powder and wet coating system began in January 2023. The wet paint shop started operations in June 2023 and the powder paint shop in September 2023. Currently, both systems are still in the start-up phase. The maximum capacity is approximately 575,000 m2 of painted material per year, which corresponds to approximately 20,000 tons of steel. The new system can be used to paint elements up to 9 m long, 2.3 m wide, 3 m high and with a total weight of 3 t. Fully automated, flexible conveyor systems ensure that the elements precisely reach their destination.

Energy efficiency and sustainability played an important role in the implementation of this project. Powder coating, which accounts for 80% of the work, is a very environmentally friendly process because it is completely solvent-free. Heat recovery systems (powder furnace and compressors) also contribute to energy efficiency. The goal is to use renewable energy as an energy source in the future. A closed-circuit process was selected for pre-treatment, which means that the produced sewage is not discharged into the public network, but is treated on the company’s premises.

The new surface treatment centre will create 75 new jobs at the Schwandorf plant, as well as a modern training centre for vocational training as a process mechanic in the field of coating technology. Flexible and ergonomic workplaces and modern social rooms were created for all employees.

The costs of building the new surface treatment centre was approximately EUR 30 million and is one of the largest investments in the Schwandorf factory.

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