Positive growth in UK tractor sales

  • Sales growth strongest in the East Midlands
  • AEA reports on a regional analysis of the registrations and the power range of machines sold

Firstly, growth in registrations was seen across all regions of the UK, although in the West Midlands and South East/Home Counties the year-on-year rise was less than 10%.

Stephen Howarth, agricultural economist at the AEA said, “The strongest increase was in the East Midlands, where registrations nearly doubled from the same period last year. Northern Ireland also saw an increase of over 60%, while Wales and Scotland recorded growth rates which were slightly lower than the UK average (but above 20%).

Now looking at the power of machines registered during the year to date, there was strong growth across most of the power ranges.

Stephen said, “Growth was a little slower in the 150-250hp range than for higher and lower-powered machines. The most rapid growth was in the 120-150hp range, where registrations were up by nearly two-thirds, compared with the first half of last year.”