Sean Copeland joins BDC Systems Ltd as Regional Sales Manager, North of England

To build on its proven record of first-class service and support for existing customers and to meet the demands for updated or new grain handling systems and grain processing plants, Sean Copeland is joining BDC Systems Ltd as Regional Sales Manager covering the North of England.

“We always have a keen eye on ensuring that we are able to deliver industry leading levels of service and support to our existing customers at the same time as having the capacity to meet the grain handling requirements of new customers,” said Andrew Head, BDC Systems’ sales director.

“The North of England is a large region and to ensure that BDC Systems is meeting the needs of northern farming enterprises we have taken the decision to expand our sales team. I am pleased to confirm that Sean Copeland has joined our team as regional sales manager for this area,” added Head.

Copeland, who served his time as an apprentice engineer and now with 18 years’ engineering experience across the agriculture and food processing industry, will be responsible for looking after BDC Systems’ existing customers and driving new business in the region running roughly from Newcastle to South of the Humber.

“The opportunity to join the BDC Systems’ team was an opportunity I did not want to miss. My experience across commercial and industrial food processing plants, combined with the installation and servicing of grain handling systems and grain processing plants for one of BDC Systems’ partners, will ensure that I can add real value to existing and new customers,” said Copeland.

“I want to reassure our customers who have a working relationship with our well established and successful regional sales manager for Scotland and Northern England, John Wilson, that there will be no change to his existing customer base. John will continue to service northern farming businesses down as far as Newcastle,” stated Head.