Sole GB distributor for cattle handling equipment appointed

  • North Yorkshire firm Wise Agriculture has been appointed sole distribution rights in England, Scotland and Wales for Arrowquip’s cattle handling equipment portfolio

The appointment will drive innovations and enhance customer care for the GB market says Arrowquip’s UK Manager Darren Brennan.

“Arrowquip’s mission is to improve the safety and efficiency of cattle handling by providing the farming community with equipment that combines world-class engineering with designs based on practicality and animal behaviour. This is supported with industry-leading warranties of up to 15 years on some crush models and a customer-first approach to follow-up support and care,” says Mr Brennan. “Wise Agriculture shares this mission and has been instrumental to Arrowquip’s development for the UK and customer service.”

After seeing a need in the industry for quality livestock equipment supported by quality customer service, livestock farmers Edward and Laura Wise established Wise Agriculture in 2018 with their first shipment of Arrowquip manual squeeze crushes from the Canadian company. Their business has since grown to be Europe’s largest Arrowquip importer and has also taken on sole UK distribution rights for Advantage Feeders (formerly known as 3-in-1) and Landquip NZ’s Porta-Yards mobile sheep handling range. The firm is also a leading distributor of Tru-Test weighing and EID equipment and AgriCow brushes.

“Wise Agriculture was founded on the base of efficiency, innovation, practicality and quality in both the equipment we provide and the way we conduct business. We are here to provide farmers and other stakeholders in the livestock supply chain with products built to last and customer service they can have faith in,” says Mr Wise, Managing Director of Wise Agriculture. “Arrowquip has been and will continue to be an excellent partner in upholding this ethos.”

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