St. Valentin plant hosts Steyr® dealers from across Europe

  • Event covers technical developments on latest innovations coming to market later this year
  • Factory and headquarters host hundreds of attendees from across STEYR®markets in Europe

Hundreds of STEYR® dealer staff from across the brand’s key European markets have now completed their initial training on the latest STEYR products coming to customers for the 2023-24 season, as the brand’s St. Valentin HQ and factory completes a marathon event that has seen the visit of multiple groups to learn about recent developments designed to boost efficiency and performance.

Dealers from all of STEYR’s key markets in mid-Europe have attended the multi-week programme, with training events spread across mid-March to mid-May, ensuring all were able to benefit from small training groups. Each group spent a week at St. Valentin, with time split into learning the details on the latest developments in key STEYR tractor ranges and on market-specific features and products. Training was divided into six stations, and training included areas on new products, competitors, services, support, technology/precision farming and financial solutions. In addition, three sessions were dedicated to training dealers’ own training staff in both sales and engineering.

Products included not only existing tractors, but also new developments from right across STEYR’s key model ranges, as well as recent STEYR technology developments. Participants gained full hand-on experience of new machines and technology, with the event focused on practical usage. This allowed those attending to not only gain a full understanding of new machine features, but also examine them against the competition. Key components such as engines were also displayed independently, allowing features to be directly compared with those of competitor units.

It was really useful to get dealers closer to latest STEYR developments,” says Gavin Enright, Head of Commercial Training and Sales Support, Experience Center CNH Industrial Austria. “This was the first factory training event since 2019, and feedback was really positive, with many suggesting customers will be surprised and impressed when they see the potential efficiencies offered by what’s coming from STEYR for this year.”

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