There and back again.

Yours truly its back at the desk after a hectic week, fresh from a two day jaunt to Kuhn’s International Press Conference at Saverne in North-East France.

Firstly let me say how much I enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with Kuhn and find out more about the companies plans and developments.

I will however divert at this point into some of the dubious pleasures of travel post covid. ¬†First, the plane (complete with myself and 3 others attending said press conference) was diverted from Frankfurt to Cologne due to ‘drone activity’ over Frankfurt. This posed a dilemma on the tarmac at Cologne given that it was now 12 noon with a 3.30pm conference starting some 330 miles away near Strasbourg!

Following some enthusiastic waving of a corporate credit card for 3 Euro’s more than the 1.0l vauxhall Corsa an Audi A6 Avant Quattro was obtained. Spirited driving ensued, from a selection of the gathered press (think ‘First drive’ without the usual speed limits and nice man from John Deere * in the buddy seat). * Other manufacturers are available.

Finally, after some very high speed harvest analysis down the Rhine (my choice of barge transport was outvoted), we arrived in Strasbourg and joined the rest of the press pack.

Highlights were as always the excellent hospitality and the chance to see first hand what’s coming around the corner. As you can imagine the themes of accountability, reliability, autonomy and cost effectiveness were to the fore.

Fact of the day, like all manufacturers, Kuhn are selling less ploughs, but the same number of furrows. Contrary to popular belief traditional farming isn’t dead just yet.

Au revoir.