Thought for the day – let’s not talk about the weather

As the Black Sea grain deal fell down, so the spot price for grain bumped simultaneously by £20 a tonne or so.

Closer to home, Pete, on the fruit and veg stall explained that in Spain this week cauliflowers were 4 Euro’s each. He’s usually accurate on these matters, not least as a way of boosting his Ormskirk sourced greens.

Likewise, my colleague was informed in the last couple of weeks, whilst talking to the ice cream seller on the promenade in Cleveland on the Bristol Channel, that ice cream sales are slow this year.

The point I am making, is that whether you source your global economic forecasts from Reuters, or Pete on the market, things are afoot.

What does this mean in the agricultural machinery supply chain? As lead times reduce, there is a temptation to carry excess stock (and many are), but with the tightening of money (“nothing compared to my day” everyone’s Dad shouts from the back) it will be interesting to see the fall out.

On the one hand, commodities seem to have a firm bottom, on t’other, harvest is a difficult affair this year so far. I’m not sure it’s the editor’s position to offer advice, all I would say (to paraphrase Warren Buffett) is don’t get caught naked when the tide goes out.

Have a good week.

Andy – editor

PS I hope you like the photo of the sunflowers, from the top field. If anyone has any bright ideas about what to do with ½ an acre, please let me know, as they are starting to flower now..