Trelleborg, John Deere and Lemken, hold a successful joint field demo in Heilongjiang, China

  • Trelleborg Wheel Systems, alongside agricultural equipment manufacturers John Deere and Lemken, held a joint field demonstration in Heilongjiang, one of China’s most important breadbaskets, to offer farmers better service through advanced solutions

Two comparative demonstrations were conducted on site. During the first test, the new John Deere 8R2304 tractor fitted with Trelleborg TM900 High Power single tires, easily conducted in-furrow and on-land harrowing operations, assuring increased efficiency and low fuel consumption.

During the second test—despite a lower horsepower—the John Deere 8R3004 equipped with Trelleborg TM900 High Power dual extra-large tires, outperformed the John Deere 8R3204 fitted with a competitor’s premium dual standard tires and finished the in-furrow competition first.

David Wang, Retail Sales Manager at Trelleborg Wheel Systems in China, commented: “Trelleborg TM900 High Power tires are designed with world famous agricultural machinery manufacturers. This series provides high powered machines with great traction, excellent self-cleaning, and outstanding comfort and operability, thus maximizing farming efficiency with lower soil compaction and fuel consumption. The new John Deere 8R series comes equipped with Trelleborg TM900 High Power tires, which perfectly represent the concept of ‘efficient farming’ to Chinese consumers.”

During the event, Trelleborg also showcased different tire solutions: TM3000 series for John Deere S660/S680 harvesters, TM800 and TM600 series for John Deere 7M series, and tailored radial cultivator solutions for John Deere 8R series.