Turkey boost for Goodyear farm tire users

  • Goodyear Farm Tires will provide a significant boost to UK and European farmers in 2022 by offering an enhanced supply of radial tyres

Goodyear’s manufacturing capability in Turkey is set to be bolstered with the use of a specific plant set up for radial tyres, providing benefits in terms of speed, availability and service for distributors and farmers.

Traditionally, Goodyear Farm Tires has predominately produced its bias range in Turkey but this is set to change from early 2022.

Initially, 20 key radial sizes for the UK and European market will be produced from the site, with that figure set to double by the end of the year.

Lindsay Hart, European Sales Director at Goodyear Farm Tires, said: “This is a significant development in our offering to farmers in the UK and across Europe.

“We have previously received most radial tyres from our manufacturing facilities in North America, South America and Russia.

“The fact that we will now receive a significant supply of radial tyres, as well as the existing bias offering, from Turkey will make a huge difference.

“Due to the pandemic and a host of other reasons affecting supply, customers have suffered shortages in the provision of agricultural tyres from all major manufacturers over the last 12 months and Titan has made this strategic move partly in response to those issues.

“Come February, we will be able to offer shortened lead times, swifter distribution, improved stock and product availability so we are ideally placed to meet the needs of our customers in the UK and European market.”

The radial tyres to be manufactured in Turkey will be the popular Optitrac tread, with emphasis on the most in-demand sizes across 85, 70, 65 and XL Series. These will be complemented by a range of relevant industrial sizes.

Lindsay added: “We have been delighted with the way our Goodyear Farm Tires offering has grown in Europe over recent years, both in terms of enhancing our product range and expanding our European distribution network.

“Enhancing our manufacturing options in Europe was the next target and we are delighted to be achieving that in 2022, with plans to continue to take the offering from strength to strength.”