Väderstad welcomes a new CEO and a new chairman

  •  Väderstad welcomes both a new CEO and a new chairman of the board in February. Henrik Gilstring, grandchild to Väderstad’s founder Rune Stark, takes over as new CEO after Mats Båverud
  • At the same time, Mikael Jonson steps into the role as new chairman of the board

The change of CEO’s has been communicated before, Mats Båverud is retiring after having the position since 2017. His time as CEO of Väderstad is characterized by a strong global growth, both financially and in number of employees, a continued global expansion and huge leaps in areas like safety and quality.

Henrik Gilstring is the new CEO of Väderstad from February 1st, he belongs to the third generation of Väderstad’s owner family and has been working at Väderstad since 2012, most recently at the position of Vice President of Business Development. He takes over the reins of a company on a steady rise, who during the fiscal year of 2021 increased the turnover by almost 25 percent and is approaching 2 000 employees worldwide.

“Our great results is a sign that we have done the right things, I have a huge respect for the work that Mats and many others have put in during the last years. It has been a great experience to be part of Mats’ management team, our business has developed rapidly all over and we are now well equipped to face the future. Väderstad celebrates 60 years in 2022 and I feel both humble and a deep passion to continue to drive Väderstad forward and to work within a company that has such great history in my family. Even though both agriculture and our business keep changing, we are still as determined as ever to simplify work and improve the results for our customers all around the world – and strive to be the world’s leading partner for an outstanding growth, says Henrik Gilstring.

From February 1st, Väderstad also has a new chairman of the board: Mikael Jonson. Mikael grew up in Kumla, Sweden, but lives today in Malmö and he trained as a civil engineer in Linköping. He has a solid experience from a long working career, among other things as CEO of PartnerTech and he also had several senior positions withing the Trelleborg Group. Today he mainly works with different board assignments and investments.

“To begin in my new role as chairman at the same time Henrik becomes CEO is extra enjoyable. We have an ambitious five-year-plan that Henrik works after and that I, in my new role as chairman, is looking forward to help him navigate, “says Mikael Jonson.

Mikael has no background in agriculture, but he can see that he has many other qualities and experiences to bring into his role as chairman of Väderstad.

“Our strategic questions combined with manufacturing both lies close to my heart and reflects on my background. I hope to contribute with the experience I gathered from many years in the business, says Mikael Jonson.