Yanmar Launches Global Customer Service Hub: Yanmar Synergy Square

Yanmar Global CS Co., Ltd. (YGCS), a subsidiary of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. Has begun  operations at Yanmar Synergy Square (YSQ).

Built as a centre for excellence in global customer service, YSQ will serve as the headquarters of YGCS, a Yanmar Group company that was established in April of this year. Yanmar’s Remote Support Centre also moves to the site, incorporating enhanced functionality.

As the name suggests, Yanmar will strive to derive SYNERGY by marshalling the combined insights and knowhow of business partners all around the world in a place, or SQUARE, to create new service solutions towards increasing Yanmar’s global service capabilities.

“YSQ represents every element related to our service including our DNA and spirit, our relationship with our stakeholders based on the trust, and a new type of service achieved with advanced technologies,” says Kengo Shibata, the president of YGCS. “I’m excited to create this new way of service together with our customers and stakeholders here at YSQ towards A Sustainable Future,”

With its goal of keeping customers working with “no downtime” and realizing its vision of maximizing customer’s lifecycle value, YSQ will pursue the development and deployment of service solutions employing Yanmar’s advanced technologies. YSQ will:

For more information go to Website: https://www.yanmar.com/global/synergysquare/