Avon Tuning announced as official UK & Ireland importer for 660hp Dimsport dynamometers

  • Avon Tuning has become the sole UK and Ireland importer and distributor for the Italian-built range of Dimsport dynamometers which are capable of testing machinery up to 660hp

As well as testing power outputs from the PTO, the Dimsport range of dynamometers can also help dealers and farmers to diagnose problems with tractors and machinery by simulating real-world conditions.

Three models of farming-specific dynamometers are available through Avon Tuning: the DF2TR Workshop Dyno, which features a single brake and has a capacity to test machinery up to 330hp; the larger DF4TR Twin Braked Workshop Dyno which uses a double brake making it suitable for tractors up to 660hp; and the mobile, trailer-mounted DF2TR-TR, allowing remote support and on-farm diagnostics to be carried out on tractors up to 330hp.

All three models are operated via a laptop and the intuitive software allows the dynos to measure a range of engine and power delivery parameters including maximum engine power and torque and maximum PTO power and torque. The dynos can also provide readings for intake manifold pressure, water and oil temperature and exhaust gas temperature – key engine management criteria which can be used to diagnose underlying mechanical issues.

“We are delighted to have been officially appointed as Dimsport importers and distributors in the UK and Ireland,” says Gareth Jones, director at Avon Tuning. “We’ve worked with Dimsport for a number of years and have recently seen a marked increase in interest from farmers and dealers who are keen to know more about how the Dimsport range can benefit the performance of their own tractors.

“Using a dynamometer offers much deeper insights into how an engine is performing with the option to test new tractors before delivery for a premium PDI inspection, and older tractors to help identify where potential problems might be.”

To further help with the diagnosis of engine-related issues, the dynos can replicate field-like conditions by applying a specific load at an exact rpm for a set time. The recorded data is easily viewed in graphical or tabular formats and can be used to analyse exact readings along the power and torque curves.

The DF2TR and DF4TR workshop models require a three-phase electricity supply and can be manoeuvred on built-in jockey wheels or by using pallet tines in dedicated safe-lifting points.

The range starts with the standard workshop DF2TR, which retails at £16,500 +VAT.