Amazone sees increase in sales

  • The Amazone Group has remained on course and hit of 650 million euro
  • The annual balance sheet of the manufacturer of agricultural and groundcare machinery therefore shows a significant increase in sales for the second time in a row
  • After a 15% rise in 2020, sales this time round increased by 22%
  • Total sales of the family-owned company have reached a new high of 655 million euro in the financial year 2021 (previous year 2020: €537 million).

“This is a huge success for both the entire Amazone Group and our partners”, say Christian Dreyer and Dr. Justus Dreyer, the two owners, who are delighted with the results. “The customer interest in modern Amazone agricultural machinery for more precise working and cost-saving performance in the field is very high, both nationally and internationally.“ The Amazone Group was also able to profit extensively in 2021 from its innovative strength and wide overall product range across farms of all sizes and in both conventional and organic agriculture.

This is particularly important as a result of the strong position in all major export markets, which account for a total of more than 80 percent of sales. Sharp increases in sales were recorded especially in the key export markets of Germany, France, Poland and Russia. In addition, agricultural machinery sales in Austria, Ireland, Ukraine and the Baltic States also increased substantially. There were also positive effects in the USA and Canada, which resulted from the ongoing development of our in-house sales organisation. The business also developed very well in terms of sales in typical overseas markets such as South Africa, Japan and Australia.

Amazone meets the different demands in these countries by developing application-oriented machine concepts through continuous dialogue with local agricultural practitioners, advisers and the scientific community.

Whereas in Britain, the demand for increased precision and the use of targeted application techniques meant that spreader and sprayer sales continue to be at an all-time high and the drill market continued to evolve with the grant aid provided through the Farming Equipment Development Fund boosting the demand for direct seeding systems.

The number of employees worldwide increased to about 2,000 in the course of the year. Expenditure on research and development amounted to more than 5 % of sales. The company again invested a double-digit million amount in tangible assets in the financial year 2021.

The Amazone Group is currently expanding its production capacities in view of the enhanced product range in machinery with larger working widths and higher output capacity. For example, the first extension of the Bramsche site is already under construction just three years after the official opening. These additional facilities, with an area of 8,000 m², will enable a more efficient production of all Amazone crop protection sprayer ranges in future. In addition to this, there will be additional space for machine testing and quality optimisation of these technologically-sophisticated products. The associated relocation of some assembly lines will in turn create extra capacity for the expansion of the Global Parts Centre at the Tecklenburg-Leeden site to further improve the high level of service worldwide.

In Britain, Amazone Ltd’s Orchard Farm Training, Education, Research and Development Centre expanded its holding surrounding the site enabling it to increase its trials programme and improve its education programme for dealers, farmers and students.

Amazone is addressing the increasing challenges with regard to the availability of active ingredients and various environmental regulations with the new DirectInject direct feed system for the UX trailed sprayers. The system has been awarded an Agritechnica silver medal and enables specific products to be added as a part-area application by quickly and flexibly metering them into the nozzle during spraying as and when required. A decisive advantage for reducing working time, machine costs and the use of plant protection agents while protecting the environment at the same time.

Amazone’s goal is the continuous further development of modern precision technology for more sustainability combined with high yield levels and cost efficiency for use in the most diverse arable farming regions. “We see a great potential for ourselves and for our sales partners to promote new arable farming systems through flexible and efficient agricultural machinery”, say the Amazone shareholders. “We are concentrating on increasing biodiversity in connection with extended crop rotations, intensive catch crop establishment and the use of companion plants in our long-term Controlled Row Farming field trials at our new trials centre in Wambergen in the immediate vicinity of our Gaste factory. Autonomous agricultural machinery can also be tested in this row-based cultivation project in the medium to long term. Amongst other partners, AMAZONE has been cooperating with AgXeed, a start-up from the Netherlands. The central theme of the development is the autonomisation of the work processes of the mounted implements via open, standardised interfaces.”

The driving forces for sales in the coming years will be the extended product range offering innovative Amazone machinery adapted to the soils and climate found in the most diverse regions of the world and the further development of new machine concepts and digital solutions for sustainable food production.