FieldBee Intensifies Cooperation with CNH Industrial

FieldBee’s guidance systems are now available on tractors of the CNH Industrial Case IH and New Holland brands.

According to eFarmer, manufacturer of FieldBee navigation solutions, a supply contract for the tractor production in the Turkish CNH Industrial plant was signed in early August. As of now, eFarmer supplies FieldBee RTK and Auto-Guide solutions for New Holland TDD MasterDrive and Case IH JX ProGuide tractor models produced at Türk Traktör ve Ziraat Makineleri.

eFarmer will also provide respective retrofit solutions for the after-sales market in Turkey.

Together with engineers from Türk Traktör and on behalf of CNH Industrial, work began two years ago to develop an exclusive and customised navigation solution for the tractor models, focusing on the FieldBee tractor navigation system.

Instead of conventional terminal solutions, FieldBee uses smartphones and an Internet of Things (IOT) architecture, making the solution affordable, updatable and modular.

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