Two weeks left to enter the 2024 RASE awards

  • There’s now less than two weeks to go until entries for the 2024 RASE Awards close to new submissions

These annual awards recognise and celebrate some of the leading individuals and organisations in agriculture. Self-nominations and recommendations are welcome for each of the awards. There are opportunities for farmers, researchers, individuals working in the agricultural industry and organisations to enter an award.

The RASE Awards include the prestigious Bledisloe Gold Medal for Landowners, which was first awarded in 1958, the Excellence in Practical Farming Award, and the newly introduced RASE Natural Capital Award. Full descriptions of each award, entry criteria and nomination forms can be found here.

RASE Bledisloe Gold Medal for Landowners

This award will be presented to a landowner who demonstrates outstanding achievement in the successful land management and development of an agricultural estate in England. The winner will have been actively involved in the management of the estate for several years and there will be a history of positive development of the estate throughout this time.

RASE Excellence in Practical Farming Award

This award celebrates farmers and farm managers who are setting a lead for others, as practical farmers, and who are willing to impart their know-how and encourage others to follow suit. The winner will be an outstanding practical operator who makes informed decisions to improve the sustainability of the whole farm business.

RASE National Agricultural Award

The RASE National Agricultural Award will be presented to an individual or organisation to recognise an outstanding contribution to the advancement of agriculture in the UK. The winner will be able to demonstrate at least one of the following attributes: Work as a spokesperson or provide a voice for the agricultural industry Involved in the development of a new idea or process Encourages partnership working Engaged in activity to improve public perception of the countryside / rural industry Engaged in improving communication within the industry or between rural industry and the general public.

RASE Science and Technology Award

This award celebrates the people responsible for the outstanding research and innovation that is enabling transformative change with the agri-food sector. The RASE Science and Technology Award will be presented to an individual whose work has made an outstanding contribution to either: The science underpinning agriculture, which ideally will have resulted in a significant impact through influencing practice, policy or product development. The development of an innovative technology that is changing agricultural practice.

RASE Farm of the Future Award

 This award will celebrate an individual, farm business or organisation taking a pioneering approach to maintaining food production while responding to environmental challenges and ensuring business sustainability. Winners may be early adopters of new technologies or innovations, who are openly sharing their experience so others in the industry can learn from it.

RASE Natural Capital Award

The RASE Natural Capital Award will recognise the farmers striking the balance between sustainable agricultural practices, ecological enhancements and financial resilience. It will be awarded to an individual who is building natural capital as a business function, farming for food, profitability and the environment.

Don’t miss your chance to submit your nominations for the 2024 RASE Awards. Entries for all awards will close at 5pm on Wednesday 17th April. Find the award information, entry criteria and nomination forms for each of the awards here.